Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704

Parking Permit Programs

There are two parking permit programs relevant to the Zilker neighborhood. One is the Residential Parking Permit program and the other is the proposed Special Events Parking Permit program.

Residential Parking Permit Program

The Residential Permit Parking Program (RPP) is an initiative designed by the City of Austin. Its purpose is to help ease the impacts to neighborhoods from non-residential parking along streets adjacent to commercial properties by giving residents a better chance of finding an on-street parking space in their neighborhood. The desired outcome of RPP is to increase the amount of on-street parking available to residents and their guests while balancing the needs of others who desire to park along the street.

Special Event Parking Permit Program

The goal of Special Events Parking Permit (SEPP) program is to improve mobility, safety and parking management near locations that host major events. On July 13, 2017, the City of Austin held an open house related to their proposed SEPP. The City was seeking input on the draft plan from neighborhood residents and the following posters were displayed:

You can read more on the City's SEPP webpage.