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Land Development Code Rewrite


The City of Austin is rewriting its 30-year old Land Development Code:

The process is now in its fourth iteration. The first three iterations were know as CodeNext, but the City has dropped that moniker. Refer to the one of the following three links to see previous drafts and the comments provided by ZNA and others:

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Most Recent Draft (04 Oct 2019) of the LDC Rewrite

This is the most recent draft released on 04 Oct 2019:

Zilker-Related Code Information and Analysis

The ZNA Zoning Committee is just beginning analysis of the draft code released on October 4, 2019. However, one of the most significant changes affecting some homeowners in the Zilker neighborhood is the conversion of current SF-3 zoning to proposed R4 zoning (see the map of R4 zoning) which will prohibit single-family homes. Almost the entire neighborhood (any property within 1/2-mile of South Lamar Blvd or Barton Springs Rd) will be affected by the reduction in on-site parking requirements. This will ultimately lead to more parking on the streets. The front yard setback is being reduced from 25' to 15' in a significant portion of the neighborhood (see the map of R2B zoning).

If you open both of the following maps, you can compare the proposed zoning to the current zoning by alternately clicking on the browser tabs in which they open:

The following chart gives the allowable uses by zone in the Zilker neighborhood:

The following table gives code requirements for the various categories and individual zones within those categories, but only for those categories and zones that exist within the Zilker neighborhood. The comments are not all encompassing, and there may be some exceptions, so refer to the actual language in the code. The term "corridors" refers to South Lamar Blvd and Barton Springs Road.

Category Category Comments Zone Map Zone Comments
Residential House-Scale
Allowed Uses, Parking, General
View Map
parking reduced from 2 to 1 space per unit; further reduced by 100% within 1/4 mile of corridors and by 50% within 1/2 mile of corridors R2A map  
R2B map front setbacks reduced from 25' to 15'
R4 map single-family use no longer allowed

Residential Multi-Unit
Allowed Uses, Parking, General

  RM1 map single-family use no longer allowed in current SF-3
RM2 map  
RM3 map  
RM4 map  
RM5 map  
Allowed Uses, Parking, General
  MU1 map  
MU2 map  
MU3 map  
MU5A map  
MU5B map  
Main Street
Allowed Uses, Parking, General
  MS2B map  
MS3 map  
Allowed Uses, Parking, General
  P (public) map  
PR (park) map  
PUD map  
F25 (legacy) map  

The following are other important sections of the code relevant to the zoning in Zilker and comments above:

City Council Policy Guidance

The City Council provided policy guidance for rewriting the Land Develpment at their special called meeting on May 2, 2019. If you click on the preceding link, you will find additional links related to the meeting including the agenda, videos of the meeting, and a closed-caption transcript of the meeting as well as work papers and other backup documentation. The meeting was about 8-1/2 hours long. Or you can read a summary of that guidance.

Other Documents

The following documents relate to the LDC rewrite:


The following links provide additional information relating to the code rewrite: