Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704

Holiday Families Program

Every year a couple of dozen kids wake up to a brighter Christmas morning, thanks to the dedication and generosity of our Zilker neighbors. ZNA's Holiday Family Program is a resounding success! Each year our team of Zilker Elves organizes donations, shopping, wrapping, and delivery for several families at Zilker Elementary (nominated by the school counselor) who could use help during the holiday season. For Christmas 2018, we donated $4,648 worth of gifts to ten families. Our program coordinator, Harmony Grogan, pulls together a fantastic effort to get everything under the tree early on Christmas week. Most of all, thank you to the numerous neighbors who volunteer time and donate money to help make this possible.

We wish to thank the following donors to the 2018 Holiday Families Program: Laura Agnew, Brandie Baker, Karen Blackburn, Chuck & Luan Borgeson, Linda Boxberger, Blake Bush, Liz Carmack, Mary Dorsey Cartwright, Jan Castleberry, Barbara Cossie, Alexander Courtade, Pat Cramer, Jill Daiber, Randy Dalton, Judy Davis, Marueen Dolan-Galaviz, Shelly Eager, Brigid Finley, Paulette Gravois, Luis Guerra, Adam Honhera, David Hough, Jeff Jack, Karen Jones, Jill Kempf, Ann Kennedy, David King, Mike Kintner, Becky Kreitman, Michelle Martin, Crispin Martinez, Suzanne Nagle, William Neale, Mireya Orozco, Amelie Trueting Parks, Mary Christine Reed, Cynthia Reynolds, Bobby Rigney, Lynn Robbins, Mary Rogerson, Gail Rothe, Jaime Shimkus, Ingrid Spencer, Diane Stonecipher, Susan Tedter, Bratten Thomason, David Ward, Susan Whyne, and Elizabeth Yevich.

We also to wish to thank our Zilker Elves who volunteered their time: Brandie Baker, Barbara Cossie, Shelly Eager, Brigid Finley, Harmony Grogan, Keith and Becky Kreitman, Crispin Martinez, Jill Rhoden, Joan Saidel, Ingrid Spencer, Sarah Tower, and Elizabeth Yevich.

If you feel you and your family have been blessed, please think about paying your blessings forward by donating to the 2019 ZNA Holiday Families Program. Donations may be mailed or delivered along with this donation form to the address shown on the form. Monetary contributions to the fund can also be made securely online using PayPal or a credit card/debit card by clicking the donate button below.  Every dollar we receive will be spent on our families in need. Please note that donations are not deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions because, although we are a nonprofit, we are not organized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.


If you have any questions or would like to volunteer as a Zilker Elf, contact Harmony at znaholiday@gmail.com.