Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704


NOTE: We are not a Homeowners Association (HOA) and do not have anything to do with the management of any condominium. We are a neighborhood association. Please do not contact us concerning management or information concerning a specific condo. You must find and contact that specific condo's management or HOA.

  Email Address
General Information and Questions ("Ask ZNA!") zna@zilkerneighborhood.org
President president@zilkerneighborhood.org
Secretary secretary@zilkerneighborhood.org
Treasurer treasurer@zilkerneighborhood.org
Austin Neighborhoods Council Representative ancrep@zilkerneighborhood.org
Communications VP and Committee communications@zilkerneighborhood.org
Parks & Environment VP and Committee parks-env@zilkerneighborhood.org
Social VP and Committee social@zilkerneighborhood.org
Zoning VP and Committee zoning@zilkerneighborhood.org

Official organization mailing address: 1600 Barton Springs Rd #6601, Austin, TX 78704

Mailing Address for bills, payments, and membership forms:
ZNA Treasurer
c/o JD Leonard
2109 De Verne St
Austin, TX 78704-3927