Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704

Carpenter Hotel (411 Jessie St)


This is the Carpenter Hotel project at 411 Jessie St (formerly addressed as 400 Josephine St) in the Butler Shores Waterfront Overlay Subdistrict. It is a 4-story hotel with restaurant on the Carpenter Hall site.

Current Uses: Hotel (58,634 sf; 93 rooms), Restaurant (3,410 sf)

Parking Required: 103 spaces less 20% urban core reduction, 10% shower reduction, and 20 space Car-2-Go reduction for a total of 52 spaces (Note: the required parking did not include the restaurant use and the reductions exceed the maximum 40% allowed).

Parking Provided: 37 standard, 12 compact, 3 ADA for a total of 52 (Note: no Car-2-Go space is indicated as being provided even though it was used to reduce the required parking)

Current Site Plan

The latest sheets of the site plan can be found at the bottom of the page at this link on the City's AB+C website. The highest number in parenthesis will be the lastest sheet from the latest site plan correction. You can use the following Sheet Index Table to locate a given sheet (note: sheet links shown below were current for Correction 3C as of 28 Sep 2019 and may not be to the lastest sheet; check AB+C link above to see if there are any newer ones):

Sheet Title
1 Cover Sheet
2 Plat
3 General Notes
4 General Notes (includes building area summary)
5 Existing Boundary, Tree, and Topography Plan
6 Waterfront Overlay Setback Exhibit
7 Demoliton Plan
8 Erosion & Sedimentaion Control Plan
9 Erosion Control Notes & Details
10 Existing Drainage Area Map
11 Proposed Drainage Area Map
12 Site Plan
13 Pavement Plan
14 Site Plan Details
15 Site Plan Details
16 Grading Plan
17 Drainage Plan
18 Drainage Details
19 Water Quality Plan
20 Water Quality Calculations
21 Rain Garden 1 Detail
22 Water & Wastewater Plan
Sheet Title
23 Wastewater Lines A & B Plan & Profile
24 Wastewater Line C Plan & Profile
25 Water Lines A, A-1, & B Plan & Profile
26 Water Lines C, D, & D-1 Plan & Profile
27 Water & Wastewater Notes
28 Water & Wastewater Details
29 Water & Wastewater Details
30 Master Dry Untility Plan
31 City Submittal Landscape Plan
32 City Submittal Landscape Notes & Calculations
33 City Submittal Landscape Details
34 City Submittal Landscape Details
35 City Submittal Tree Care Plan
36 Irrigation Plan
37 Irrigation Plan A
38 Irrigation Plan B
39 Irrigation Plan Details
40 Irrigation Plan Details
41 Architectural Elevations
42 Elevated Pavement Plan and Details
43 Site Phasing Plans (includes Parking Calculations)

Site Plan Application (Case 2016-015111 SP; Reference File Name SP-2016-0073C)


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