Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704

Bouldin Acres (2027 South Lamar Blvd)

Bouldin Acres is at 2027 South Lamar Blvd, formerly the site of Harbison Auto Sales.

Current Uses: Restaurant-Indoor (5,887 sf), Restaurant-Outdoor (2,466 sf), Storage (1,655 sf), Outdoor Sports & Rec (8 courts)

Parking Required: 121 spaces less 20% urban core reduction for a total of 97
Parking Provided: 67 standard, 29 compact, 5 ADA for a total of 101
Parking Calculations and Proposed Parking Plan

List of All Permits for This Site on AB+C

Site Plan Exemption (Case 2023-077589 DA; Reference File Name DA-2023-0901)

Code Violations

Site Plan (Case 2003-000469 SP; Reference File Name SP-03-0469C)

The orginal Site Plan Permit for this site was approved 06 Feb 2004. A site plan correction request was filed in 2019. The PDFs in the following table were current for Correction 4C as of 11 Dec 2019 and may not be the latest sheets. To confirm the latest correction set, visit the City's AB+C page for this site plan and look at the Cover Sheet. Except for the Cover Sheet, the highest number in parenthesis will be the latest sheet from the latest site plan correction. You can use the following Sheet Index Table to locate a given sheet.

Sheet Title
1 Cover
2 Erosion Control and Tree Protection Plan
3 Existing Conditions Site Plan and Removal Plan
4 Site Plan (includes parking summary)
5 Drainage Plan
6 Utility Plan
7 Landscape Plan
8 Construction Notes
9 Construction Details

Site Plan Corrections (Reference File Name SP-03-469C)

Corr# Case# Correction Status Date Appl AB+C
C4 2019-056771 SC change of use to restaurant approved 19 Apr 2019 appl AB+C
C3   add wheelstops; remove/add trees approved 28 Aug 2005    
C2   add gate approved 26 Jul 2005    
C1   add bldg sq footage and exterior stairs approved 14 Jul 2004    

Plan Review (Case 2019-068120 PR; Reference File Name 2019-068120 PR)

The Plan Review Permit for this change of use and remodeling project was issued 21 Nov 2019 ( AB+C page for this plan review).

Sheet Title
A0.0 Coversheet
A0.1 Site Plan
A0.2 TAS
A0.3 TAS
A0.4 Accessible Path Plan
A0.5 Egress Plan
A1.1 Existing Conditions Demo Plan: Bldg A First Floor
A1.2 Existing Conditions Demo Plan: Bldg A Second Floor
A1.3 Existing Conditions Demo Plan: Bldg B
A1.4 Proposed Floor Plan: Bldg A First Floor
A1.5 Proposed Floor Plan: Bldg A Second Floor
A1.6 Proposed Floor Plan: Bldg B
A1.7 Roof Plan: Bldg A
A1.8 Roof Plan: Bldg B
Sheet Title
A2.1 Exterior Elevations: Bldg A
A2.2 Exterior Elevations: Bldg A
A2.3 Exterior Elevations: Bldg B
A2.4 Exterior Elevations: Bldg B
A4.1 Enlarged Restroom Plans & Interior Elevations: Bldg A
A4.2 Enlarged Restroom Plans & Interior Elevations: Bldg B
A5.1 Interior Elevations: Bldg A
A5.2 Interior Elevations: Bldg B
A7.1 Reflected Ceiling Plan & Lighting Schedule: Bldg A
A7.2 Reflected Ceiling Plan & Lighting Schedule: Bldg B
A8.1 Finish Plans: Bldg A
A8.2 Finish Plans: Bldg A
A9.1 Door & Window Schedules


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