Erosion Control Issues in Zilker Park at Mopac Bridge, Austin, Texas
(after installation of sump and grading of drainage ditch)

The City has its own erosion control issues. Underneath the water in the newly constructed sump pictured below is an 8" pipe which goes under the Hike and Bike Trail. This pipe is plugged up because of the sediment that flowed into it from the newly graded draingage ditch. The water which flows through this pipe empties onto the bank of Lady Bird Lake. Erosion controls should have been installed along the newly graded ditch leading to the sump until the vegetation was re-established..

04 Feb 2015 event (after rainfall; no silt fences installed following sump and ditch construction)

Photo 1 (8" pipe below the water clogged by eroded sediment) Photo 2 (no silt fences to protect against erosion)

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