Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704

Zilker Neighborhood Listserv

The Zilker Neighbors group is a continuation of the Yahoo listserv created in 1999 by Richard Gravois for open communication among the residents of Zilker Neighborhood in a friendly South Austin spirit. The old Yahoo listserv was discontinued by Yahoo on December 15, 2020.

Please note: The Zilker Neighborhood Association does not control this group. You do not have to be a member of ZNA to join the group and joining the group does not make you a member of ZNA.

There are no topic restrictions. It is for all residents of the Zilker neighborhood and Membership in the group is limited to residents within the neighborhood from the Union Pacific railroad tracks or South Lamar west to Robert. E. Lee, Rabb Road, and Rae Dell, extending from Lady Bird Lake south to Barton Skyway. These are the same boundaries as ZNA, although as stated previously, it operates independently of the ZNA. If your address is within those boundaries, the group owner will be happy to approve your membership on the list.

To join, send an email to zilkerneighbors+subscribe@groups.io with your name and street address. You will receive an email once the list owner has approved your request and confirmed that you live in the neighborhood.

Richard's rules still apply. They are:
Encouraged: Open communication between residents of the Zilker Neighborhood in a friendly South Austin spirit. There are no topic restrictions.
Unwelcome: Personal attacks, harassment, threats, vulgar language, behavior intended to discourage participation in this group, commercial advertisements or other forms of spam. Such unacceptable behavior will result in the moderation of the person's posting or loss of their membership in this group.

Questions or comments regarding operation of this group should be sent off list to the group owner (Lorraine Atherton) at zilkerneighbors+owner@groups.io.