Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704

Land Development Code Rewrite


The City of Austin is rewriting its 30-year old Land Development Code, in a profound and potentially historic experiment to reshape the city by zoning. Watch this independent investigative half-hour documentary that explores the economic and political forces driving the process as told through the lives of current residents. From writer, director, cinematographer, and editor Steve Mims.

The process was in its fifth iteration when a lawsuit halted the process for the immediate future. The last draft was released 31 Jan 2020. The first three iterations were known as CodeNext, but after their failure, the City rebranded the name and dropped the CodeNext moniker. It is now known simply as the Land Development Code Rewrite. Refer to one of the following five links to see the most recent and previous drafts, and the comments provided by ZNA and others:

Here is the City's most current information: