Erosion Control Issues at 2205 Montclaire Street, Austin, Texas

  13 Apr 2016 event (no erosion controls)
  22 May 2016 event (erosion controls not maintained)

Event 1 - 13 Apr 2016 (no erosion controls)

No erosion controls have been installed. Sediment in gutter. This site is in the Barton Springs Zone. Reported to the City on April 14, 2016.

Photo 1 (no erosion controls)  

Event 2 - 22 May 2016 (erosion controls not maintained)

Although a silt fence was installed, it has not been maintained. It has been flattened in the middle. So much sediment has been collected behind one portion of the fence, it is sagging into the gutter. The fact that so much sediment was collected shows the effectiveness of silt fences, but the sediment needs to be removed before the fence suffers a total blowout. This site is in the Barton Springs Zone. Reported again to the City on May 22, 2016.

Photo 1 (silt fence flattened) Photo 2 (silt collected behind the fence)
Photo 3 (sediment weighing down silt fence)  

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