Erosion Control Issues at 1800 Evergreen Avenue, Austin, Texas

  Event 1 - 23 Aug 2016 (no erosion controls)
  Event 2 - 18 Sep 2016 (incomplete erosion controls)

This site is at the corner of Evergreen and West Mary and extends from Evergreen to South Lamar. The runoff from the site flows to the southeast corner and drains into a tributary of Bouldin Creek. It is also in the Waterway Setback Zone. This site has been reported to the City two times: 23 Aug 2016 and 20 Sep 2016.

Event 1 - 23 Aug (no erosion controls)

The lot has been cleared except for the trees. There are no erosion controls and runoff flows directly into the creek at the southeast corner of the property

Photo 1 (no erosion controls) Photo 2 (runoff flows directly to the creek at this point)

Event 2 - 18 Sep 2016 (incomplete erosion controls)

A silt fence has been installed to control erosion along the east side of the property but it does not continue along the south side. The silt fence stops when it gets to the creek. Most runoff from the site will flow along the silt fence and exit at the end directly into the creek. Some of the runoff will not be intercepted by the silt fence at all and will flow directly into the creek.

Photo 1 (silt fence intalled) Photo 2 (silt fence ends where runoff would be directed to creek)
Photo 3 (runoff will flow around the fence and into the creek) Photo 4 (silt fence in relation to creek)

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