Erosion Control Issues at Multiple Sites (Aug 11-12, 2018)

The following photos were taken on Sunday, August 12, 2018 after a rainfall event that began on Saturday, August 11. The closest official rainfall gage is located at Oltorf Street and West Bouldin Creek. It recorded 1.16" of rain in the 24-hr period including this rainfall event. The rainfall was likely higher in the Zilker Neighborhood with totals up to 3" or a little higher. The photos are presented in alphabetical order by street name.

2106 Allwood

Photo 1 - no erosion controls across entrance

Photo 2 - deposited sediment from site deposited in street

1804 Ann Arbor (in the Barton Springs Zone)

Photo 1 - during the rain event on Saturday; muddy water and sediment flowing over the mulch sock and leaving the site

Photo 2 - after the rain; remnants of sediment deposited in the gutter

Photo 3 - two to three inches of sediment deposited in the gutter

Photo 4 - sediment from site in street at the corner of Ford St

2019 Ashby (in the Barton Springs Zone)

Photo 1 - silt fence needs to extend up driveway; mulch sock previously laying across driveway has been swept by runoff into the gutter

Photo 2 - mulch sock from driveway laying in gutter

Photo 3 - downstream of site; sediment in the street

Photo 4 - sediment in the street

2105 Ashby (in the Barton Springs Zone)

Photo 1 - mulch socks will not contain erosion on this steep slope

Photo 2 - mulch socks need to be replaced with silt fence

Photo 3 - down stream of site; sediment in the street

1113 Azie Morton (in the Barton Springs Zone)

This site has been reported multiple times (see this page). The gap in the silt fence was originally reported on May 22, 2018. Two previous videos (video from May 22 and video from July 9) show muddy water with sediment flowing through this gap.

Photo 1 - debris on top of silt fence is evidence of where runoff and sediment overtopped silt fence

Photo 2 - gap in silt fence has still not been fixed

Photo 3 - sediment is up to the top of silt fence; visible is the water line of where the runoff rose to before overtopping the silt fence at the gap

Photo 4 - some of the sediment stayed on the driveway but most simply went into the gutters and down to Little Zilker Creek

Photo 5 - sediment collected behind silt fence; the sediment clinging to the upper part of the silt fence indicates that runoff with sediment probably overtopped the silt fence

1601 Bauerle

Video - Sediment in the gutter

Photo 1 - missing erosion controls

Photo 2 - sediment a few inches deep in the gutter

Photo 3 - flattened mulch socks will not stop sediment from leaving site

Photo 4

Photo 5 - holes in silt fence

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