Erosion Control Issues at Multiple Sites (May 20, 2018)

The following videos and photos of 11 sites with erosion control issues were taken on May 20, 2018 toward the end of a rain event. The rain event was recorded as 0.90 inches in the neighborhood. The LCRA Hydromet station at West Bouldin Creek (1301 Oltorf St) recorded 0.64 inches. Most of the erosion occurs during the middle of the event but much of the evidence of erosion is swept away by the end.

Video of 2105 Ashby - This video shows the muddy runoff coming off 2105 Ashby. This site is in the Barton Springs Zone.

Video of 1113 Azie Morton - This property is in the Barton Springs Zone. The silt fence is not functioning. Muddy water is flowing right through a gap or tear in the silt fence. From here it flows about 300 feet down the road where it drains into Little Zilker Creek which almost immediately crosses the recharge zone.

Video of 2010 Goodrich - Muddy water is cascading down the driveway and then flows to the storm drain.

Video of 1705 Juliet - Runoff is leaving the property through the eroded channels that have been cut. The runoff is fairly clear at this point as eroded sediment has already left the site and the flow is slowing down.

The first six photos along Ashby Avenue demonstrate this and are particularly instructive. The first five photos show the muddy runoff occurring during the rain because of missing erosion controls. The last photo on the page shows how virtually all evidence of the sediment leaving the site is gone. It has all been swept down the gutter and into the storm drain.

Photo 1 - 2105 Ashby (inadequate erosion controls; muddy runoff leaving site.)

Photo 2 - Downstream of 2105 Ashby (muddy runoff flowing down the gutter)

Photo 3 - 2019 Ashby (inadequate erosion controls; muddy runoff leaving site)

Photo 4 - Downstream of 2019 Ashby
(sediment from earlier higher flows visible in the street)

Photo 5 - Further downstream of 2105 & 2019 Ashby (muddy water flowing down gutter)

Photo 6 - 2105 Ashby (30 minutes later; allmost all evidence of sediment leaving the property is gone; gutters relatively clear)

Photo 7 - 1113 Azie Morton (no erosion controls across entrance/exit.)

Photo 8 - 1113 Azie Morton (silt fence not functioning properly)

Photo 9 - 1113 Azie Morton (mud and sediment as covered much of the rock; much more had probably left the site)

Photo 10 - 1113 Azie Morton
(difficult to see in the glare, but there is sediment
from right to left across the driveway)

Photo 11 - 1113 Azie Morton (sediment from the bare ground to the right has flowed through the erosion controls and across the driveway)

Photo 12 - 1113 Azie Morton (sediment that has collected on driveway; much more had probably left the site)

Photo 13 - 2010 Goodrich (inadequate erosion controls; during the intense rainfall, water was probably going over or under the mulch sock; silt fences should be used)

Photo 14 - 2010 Goodrich (the glare makes it a little dicult to see, but muddy water is leaving
the site; some sediment has collected at the curve but most has traveled down the gutter)

Photo 15 - 900 Jessie (gap allows water to flow out between silt fence and planter; sediment visible in the gutter and street)

Photo 16 - Downstream of 900 Jessie
(sediment from 900 Jessie visble in gutter)

Photo 17 - 1705 Juliet
(no controls across front)

Photo 18 - 2003 Melridge (inadequate erosion control; no controls across driveway entrance)

Photo 19 - 1401 Rabb (in the Barton Springs Zone; no controls across entrance; rocks do not trap sediment from the runoff and the muddy water will just run over the top of them)

Photo 20 - 1407 Rabb (in the Barton Springs Zone; inadequate erosion control. torn silt fence; poor installation of mulch socks)

Photo 21 - Downstream of 1912 Paramount (in Barton Springs Zone; this occurs almost everytime it rains; slope of 1912 Paramount is very steep and controls are not adequate)

Photo 22 - 2507 Paramount (water had been overflowing the crushed silt fence; silt behind the crushed portion of the silt fence has collected up to the top of the silt fence)

Photo 23 - 2507 Paramount (large hole or gap in silt fence)

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