Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704

Schlotzsky PUD
(218 South Lamar Blvd)

This is a proposed project at 218 South Lamar Blvd (the northwest corner of South Lamar Blvd and Toomey Rd), currently the site of the Schlotzsky's restaurant and is located within the Waterfront Overlay. The applicant requested a change in zoning from CS/CS-V to PUD to allow an increase in height from 60 feet to 96 feet to accommodate a 7-story glass office building (see applicant's rendering above) on a 1.266-acre site. The ZNA Executive Committee vigourously opposed the application to amend the zoning because we believe it violates both the requirements and intent of the Waterfront Overlay Ordinance and the PUD Ordinance, but the PUD rezoning was passed by the City Council on a 7-4 vote and has now moved on to the Site Plan and Plan Review process. The zoning oridance authorized an overall height of 115 feet 2 inches.

Site Plan Application (Case 2019-150316 SP; Reference File Name SP-2019-0297C)

Plan Review Application (Case 2020-035018 PR; Reference File Name 2020-035018 PR)

Zoning Change Application (Case 2018-171711 ZC; Reference File Name C814-2018-0121)

Final City-Approved Documents

ZNA Comments

The following are detailed comments that ZNA submitted to City Council during the hearing process:

Public Hearings

City Case Information

Transportation Impact Analysis

Relevant City Code

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