Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704

Planet K
(1516 South Lamar Blvd)


This 0.4649-acre site is located at 1516 South Lamar Blvd near the intersection of Collier St and South Lamar Blvd. It is the location of Planet K, and the former location of South Pop Cultural Museum.

Zoning Change Application (Case 2020-063540 ZC; Reference File Name C14-2020-0049)

The applicant submittted an application on 20 Apr 2020 seeking to rezone the entire property from CS and GR to CS-1. CS-1 zoning allows cocktail lounges and liquor stores. City staff is recommending rezoning only the building footprint (5,465 sf) to CS-1. ZNA opposed it because of a past ZNA resolution regarding CS-1 zoning passed by the General Membership. The Planning Commission passed the zoning on consent without discussing any of the opposition. It is now before the City Council.

ZNA Opposition Letter (<1 MB PDF)

Public Hearings

City Case Information


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