Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704

1725 Toomey Rd


This is a proposed project at the corner of Sterzing St and Toomey Rd where the 40-unit Barton Springs Apartments now exists. The site is 0.901 acres and is currently zoned CS, allowing a maximum height of 60 feet. The applicant is proposing a multi-family residential development with 215 units and is proposing to rezone the site to allow a height of 90 feet. The project is within the Butler Shores Waterfront Overlay and adjacent to parkland. City staff has made a recommendation approve the zoning change. ZNA opposes the zoning change due to the height increase to 90 feet next to parkland and the precendent it will set for all building heights throughout the Butler Shores Waterfront Overlay. The owner of the Coldwater Apartments next-door to this site (and who abided by the existing zoning and height restrictions) has stated that "the investment company that bought the property last year just placed the property on the market for $23 MILLION. It appears the owner does not intend to develop the property itself - it is just trying to get a 30' height increase to flip the property for a fat payout - in other words, this is purely speculative rezoning. And this payout would be at the expense of displaced lower income residents and worse traffic for everyone else."

ZNA urges you to email Case Manager Kate Clark and D5 City Councilmember Ann Kitchen to express your opposition to the proposed zoning change. You may also want to email the Mayor, entire City Council, and key staff members.

Zoning Change Application (Case 2020-193072 ZC; Reference File C14-2021-0009)

The applicant submittted an application on 23 Dec 2020 seeking to rezone 0.901 acres from CS to MF-6. MF-6 is the highest-density multi-family zoning available and allows a height of 90 feet. City staff has made a recommendation approve the zoning change. The City case manager is Kate Clark (kate.clark@austintexas.gov; 512-974-1237).

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