Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704

Austin South Lamar Apartments
(1515 South Lamar Blvd)

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This proposed development is a multi-family mixed-use project with approximately 328 residential units. The project is addressed as 1515 South Lamar Blvd near the northeast corner of South Lamar Blvd and Collier St/Evergreen Ave and is situated on 3.90 acres. It will replace a self-storage facility. There is a proposed amendment to the subdivision plat to remove the restriction that prohibits the lot from being used for residential uses. The site is located within the West Bouldin Creek Watershed which is classified as an Urban Watershed by the City of Austin.

The site plan proposes the construction of water, wastewater, paving, drainage/detention, and water quality improvements necessary to serve this development. The existing site has approximately 80% impervious cover. The proposed impervious cover is 78%. A total of 2,245 vehicle trips/day will be generated by this project for a net increase of 2,217 vehicle trips/day.

Current Site Plan

The site plan permit was issued 06 Dec 2019. Sheet links shown below were current as of Correction C1 issued 06 Jan 2020 and may not be the lastest sheet if there have been subsequent corrections. If there are later corrections for this site plan, it will be so indicated on the Cover Sheet (Sheet 1) found at the bottom of the City's AB+C webpage for this site along with the corrected sheet(s). The highest number in parenthesis on the City's webpage will be the lastest sheet from the latest site plan correction. You can use the following Sheet Index Table to locate a given sheet number. If there were critical changes between the original site plan and Correction C1, a link to the original sheet may also be shown below.

Sheet Title
1 Cover Sheet
2 Sheet Index
3 Generial Notes-1
4 General Notes-2
5 Austin Water General Notes
6 Plat
7 Existing Conditions
8 Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plan
9 Demolition Plan
10 Site Plan
11 Detail Site Plan 1 of 5
12 Detail Site Plan 2 of 5
13 Detail Site Plan 3 of 5
14 Detail Site Plan 4 of 5
15 Detail Site Plan 5 of 5
16 Grading Plan
17 Detail Grading Plan 1 of 5
18 Detail Grading Plan 2 of 5
19 Detail Grading Plan 3 of 5
20 Detail Grading Plan 4 of 5
21 Detail Grading Plan 5 of 5
22 Storm Drainage Plan (mixed)
23 Detail Storm Drainage Plan 1 of 5
24 Detail Storm Drainage Plan 2 of 5
25 Detail Storm Drainage Plan 3 of 5
26 Detail Storm Drainage Plan 4 of 5
27 Detail Storm Drainage Plan 5 of 5
28 Storm Plan and Profile (public)
29 Existing Drainage Area Map
30 Proposed Drainage Area Map
31 Pond Plan (private)
32 Vault Plan (private)
33 North Rain Gardens Plan (private)
34 North Rain Gardens Profiles (private)
35 Rain Gardens A-D Profiles (private)
36 Rain Gardens E-H Profiles (private)
37 Storm Water Lift Station
38 Overall Utility Plan
39 Waste Water Plan
40 Waste Water Plan & Profile
41 Waste Water Lift Station
42 Water Plan
43 Water Plan & Profile
44 Public 6-inch DI Water Plan & Profile
45 Public C.I. WL Replacement
Sheet Title
46 Dry Utility
47 Duct Bank A-B P&P
48 Duct Bank C-D P&P
49 Paving Plan
50 Erosion Control Details
51 Construction Details-1
52 Construction Details-2
53 Construction Details-3
54 Water and Wastewater Details
55 Storm Details
56 Compatibility Sections
57 Overall Site Plan
58 Overall Floor Plan
59 Garage Floor Plan Level B2
60 Garage Floor Plan Level B1
61 Garage Floor Plan Level 1
62 Garage Floor Plan Level 2
63 Garage Floor Plan Level 3
64 Garage Floor Plan Level 4
65 Garage Floor Plan Level 5
66 Overall Exterior Elevations
67 Exterior Elevations 1 of 6
68 Exterior Elevations 2 of 6
69 Exterior Elevations 3 of 6
70 Exterior Elevations 4 of 6
71 Exterior Elevations 5 of 6
72 Exterior Elevations 6 of 6
73 Tree Protection & Mitigation Plan
74 Landscape Site Plan
75 Site Plan Enlargement
76 Hardscape Details
77 Hardscape Details 2
78 Landscape Planting Plan
79 Landscape Notes and Details
80 Tree Transplant Details
81 Tree Transplant Details 2
82 Site Retaining Wall Schedules and Details
83 Site Retaining Wall at Garage Details
84 Detention Vault Foundation Plan
85 Detention Vault Foundation Plan (2)
86 Detention Vault Sections
87 Detention Vault Sections

Site Plan Corrections (Reference File Name SP-2018-0296C)

Site Plan Application (Case 2018-112146 SP; Reference File Name SP-2018-0296C)


Wastewater Line Improvements on West Mary Street
Site Plan Application (2019-143169 SP; Reference File Name SP-2019-0276D)

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This project will also require wastewater line improvements on West Mary Steet between Evergreen Ave and the railroad tracks.


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