Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704

Zilker Studios
(1508 South Lamar Blvd)


This is a proposed project at 1508 South Lamar, next to Planet K. The applicant is proposing a 110-unit multi-family apartment complex, certified as an affordable S.M.A.R.T. housing project. It is located on the lot that the Taco PUD donated in order to receive its PUD rezoning at South Lamar Blvd and Riverside Dr.

Current Site Plan

The site plan permit was issued 22 Mar 2021. Sheet links shown below were current as of 11 Aug 2021 and may not be the lastest sheet if there have been subsequent corrections. Check this link to see if there are any later corrections. If there are later corrections for this site plan, it will be so indicated on the Cover Sheet (Sheet 1) found at the bottom of the City's AB+C webpage for this site plan along with the corrected sheet(s). The highest number in parenthesis on the City's webpage will usually be the lastest sheet from the latest site plan correction. You can use the following Sheet Index Table to locate a given sheet number.

Sheet Title
1 Cover Sheet
2 Plat
3 General Notes
4 All General Information & Construction Notes
5 Existing Conditions & Demolition Plan
6 Site Plan
7 Site Grading Plan
8 Exiting Drainage Area Map
9 Proposed Drainage Area Map 
10 Utility Plan
11 Utility Connections Plan & Profile
12 Storm Line Plan & Profile
13 Tree Protection & Erosion Control Plan
14 Details (1 of 3)
15 Details (2 of 3)
Sheet Title
16 Details (3 of 3)
17 Pavement Restoration Plan
18 Landscape Plan - Street Level
19 Landscape Plan - Level 2
20 Landscape Details and Calculations
21 Tree Care Plan
22 Architecural Floor Plan
23 Architectural Bulding Elevations
24 Arborist Exhibit

Plan Review (Case 2021-003363 PR; Reference File Name 2021-003363 PR)

Site Plan Application (Case 2020-088247 SP; Reference File Name SP-2020-0246C.SH)


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