Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704

Azie Morton Condominiums
(1209 Azie Morton Road)


This is a proposed project at 1209 Azie Morton Rd (formerly addressed as 1251 Azie Morton). The applicant is proposing eight detached condominium units on 0.85 acres of land. Four of the eight units will be sold at or below 80% MFI, so they are also requesting a waiver from the Compatibility Standards under Affordability Unlocked (Type 2). Additional exceptions are allowed under 25-2-518 and 25-2-534 that allow them to build eight units on SF-3 and avoid certain other requirements.

According to the applicant's letter, the site is located over the Barton Springs Recharge Zone, but due to the lack of recharge potential according to the site geology, the site should not be considered part of the Barton Springs Zone and subject to 25-8-514.

Site Plan Application (Case 2019-240835 SP; Reference File Name SP-2019-0604C.SH)

Rezoning Application (Case 2012-088878 ZC; Reference File Name C14-2012-0109)

The property at 1209 Azie Morton Rd was originally part of a rezoning case from SF-3 to SF-6 for the Sunflower project which included three tracts at 1121, 1201, and 1209 Azie Morton Rd (then Robert E Lee Rd). This case expired without being approved.

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