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CodeNext 3 (the third draft version of the LDC rewrite, now superceded)

The documents on this page relate to the now superceded original draft of the Land Development Code rewrite released on February 12, 2018 and revised on April 20, 2018. To see the current draft of the new Land Development Code or other superceded drafts, click here.

Petition to Vote on CodeNext

An initiative petition to adopt an ordinance requiring the revised land development code (CodeNext) to be put to a vote by City of Austin citizens was submitted to City Council for placement on the ballot of the next municipal election. The City declined to place the measure on the next municipal election ballot and was subsequently sued. The suit asked a Travis County court to order the City Council to place the petition on November’s election ballot. The court ruled in favor of the petitioners on July 16, 2018. The ordinance failed to pass in the municipal election.

ZNA Analysis of CodeNext 3

The ZNA Zoning Committee has been analyzing the most recent version of the proposed code released on February 12, 2018 and the associated mapping. We have not yet analyzed the April 20, 2018 Addendum. We have have created a page with the list of concerns we have:

Additionally, the Zoning Committee has developed a proposed alternative to Codenext for replacing the current single-family (SF) residential categories. It is posted below in order to receive input from the neighborhood. Please email comments on the proposal to the ZNA.

ZNA Documents

The following two maps prepared by ZNA show the the proposed CodeNext3 zoning and the current zoning in the Zilker neighborhood.

The following charts, maps, and documents prepared by ZNA summarize information from the proposed draft of CodeNext 3.

The PDFs in the following table provide the code requirements by category and for specific zones relevant to the Zilker Neighborhood and are extracted from the complete CodeNext3 12 Feb 2018 draft and have been modified to include the City's 20 Apr 2018 Addendum changes. They are provided here for quick reference without navigating the larger original document and cross-referencing the addendum. R2C is the zone replacing SF-3, the predominant residential zone in the Zilker Neighborhood.

Modified 01 May 2018 to include Addendum changes
Res. House-scale Res. Multi-unit Mixed Use Main Street Other
Allowed Uses
Parking Required
Allowed Uses
Parking Required
Allowed Uses
Parking Required
Allowed Uses
Parking Requried
Allowed Uses
Parking Required
P (public)
PR (park)
F25 (legacy)

The following PDFs are sections extracted from the complete original Codenext3 draft provided farther below. They are provided here for quick reference without navigating the larger document. The following documents do not yet contain the changes made by the City's 20 Apr 2018 Addendum.


City of Austin Planning and Zoning Department - Documents and Links

The following documents are updates released by the City on 20 Apr 2018 and provide minor corrections, major corrections, and additions to the original CodeNext 3 draft released on 12 Feb 2018. According to the City, the Errata includes minor edits that do not alter content. The Errata does not incorporate Addendum updates, and it includes every page of the CodeNext 3 draft. The Addendum includes content that was updated after evaluating feedback received through a variety of mechanisms, including online comment tools. Each page of the Addendum has the original CodeNext 3 text with associated addendum changes. The addendum does not include every page of the original draft; it only shows the pages with content changes. Good luck in evalutating it!

The following documents are the original CodeNext 3 draft documents released on 12 Feb 2018 by the City of Austin:

The following links will take you to the City of Austin website for providing comments:

The following are additional City documents and links:

Other Groups - Documents and Links

The following provide additional information regarding Codenext: