Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704

CodeNext 2 (the second draft version of the LDC rewrite, now superceded)

The documents on this page relate to the now superceded original draft of the Land Development Code rewrite released on September 15, 2017. To see the current draft of the new Land Development Code or other superceded drafts, click here.

Documents Produced by ZNA

The following maps and documents prepared by ZNA show the current zoning and the proposed 15 Sep 2017 CodeNext zoning of the Zilker neighborhood:

Current Zoning Map under Existing City Code (2.5 MB layered PDF)
Proposed 15 Sep 2017 CodeNext2 Zoning Map (1.3 MB layered PDF)

Proposed 15 Sept 2017 CodeNext2 Allowable Uses by Zone in Zilker Neighborhood Only (PDF) Updated 02 Oct 2017
Proposed 15 Sept 2017 CodeNext2 Allowable Uses by Zone Citywide (PDF) Updated 02 Oct 2017
Comparison of Allowable Building Heights (Current Code vs. CodeNext2) (0.8 MB PDF) Updated 19 Feb 2018
Comparison of Bar/Cocktail Lounge Locations (Current Code vs. CodeNext2) (1.4 MB PDF) Updated 26 Sep 2017

The following documents were provided by ZNA on October 31, 2017 as comments to the City regarding the proposed CodeNext2 zoning revisions:

Letter with CodeNext2 Comments (PDF) NEW! 01 Nov 2017
Map and Comments on Specific Parcels (PDF) NEW! 01 Nov 2017

The following are special edition ZNA Newsletters with articles specifically addressing the CodeNext zoning code:

Z-News June 2017 CodeNEXT edition (PDF)
Z-News March 2017 CodeNEXT edition (PDF)

The following are actually Codenext2 code excerpts (in PDF) relevant to the Zilker Neighborhood and extracted from the full Codenext2 documents provided by the City. They are provided here for quick reference without navigating the larger documents:

Land Use Definitions (23-2M-2)
Land Use Approvals (23-4B-1) [This decribes the CUP, MUP, and TUP process]
R2C Zone Requirements (23-4D-2120)
R3C Zone Requirements (23-4D-2170) [This is the predominant zone proposed to replace residential SF-3 in the Zilker Neighborhood]
R4A Zone Requirements (23-4D-2190) [Note: The City appears to have mislabeled this as 23-4D-2090]
RM1A Zone Requirements (23-4D-3050)
RM1B Zone Requirements (23-4D-3060)
RM2A Zone Requirements (23-4D-3070)
RM3A Zone Requirements (23-4D-3190)
RM4A Zone Requirements (23-4D-3100)
MU1A Zone Requirements (23-4D-4060)
MU1B Zone Requirements (23-4D-4070)
MU1C Zone Requirements (23-4D-4080)
MU1D Zone Requirements (23-4D-4090)
MU4B Zone Requirements (23-4D-4140)
MS1B Zone Requirements (23-4D-5070)
MS2A Zone Requirements (23-4D-5080)
MS2B Zone Requirements (23-4D-5090)
MS2C Zone Requirements (23-4D-5100)
MS3A Zone Requirements (23-4D-5110)
MS3B Zone Requirements (23-4D-5120)
F25 Zone Requirements (23-4D-8090)
P (Public) Zone Requirements (23-4D-8100)
PR (Park) Zone Requirements (23-4D-8110)
PUD Zone Requirements (23-4D-8120)

Other Groups - Documents and Links

The following provide additional information regarding Codenext:

League of Women Voters Recommendations - October 2017 (PDF)
CodeNext Resources at the "Community, Not Commodity" website (link) - this includes basic introductory information and explanations of CodeNext
Neighborhood Information at the "Community, Not Commodity" website (link) - this includes comments from other neighborhood associations and steps to evaluate your property
Community Priorities for CodeNext - 25 Jan 2017 (PDF)

City of Austin Planning and Zoning Department - Documents and Links

The following are the most recent draft subchapters to the City of Austin's revised Land Development Code released on 15 Sep 2017 (aka CodeNext2):

Table of Contents (0.3 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-1: Introduction (0.4 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-2: Administration and Procedures (1.9 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-3: General Planning Requirements (1.6 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-4: Zoning Code (General) (2.1 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-4: Zoning Code (Specific to Zones) (4.4 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-4: Zoning Code (Supplemental to Zones) (2.9 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-5: Subdivision (0.5 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-6: Site Plan (0.3 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-7: Building, Demolition, and Relocation Permits; Special Requirement Permits For Historic Structures (0.4 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-8: Signage (0.3 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-9: Transportation (0.7 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-10: Infrastructure (0.9 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-11: Technical Codes (0.1 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-12: Airport Hazard and Compatible Land Use (0.2 MB PDF)

The following links will take you to the City of Austin website for providing comments:

Provide comments to the City concerning the code language (link)
Provide comments to the City concerning the mapping (link)

The following are additional City documents and links:

Current Zoning Use Summary Table (from existing City of Austin Land Develpment Code) (PDF)
City of Austin's main CodeNext page (link)