Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704

City Ordinances

The following is a list (a far from complete list) of a few important City of Austin Ordinances related to the land development code and zoning and planning. These ordinances became translated into what is known as the City Municipal Code. In some cases, there may be some useful backup information provided that gives some context to interpreting the ordinance. Not all of the backup information has been included here. If you want to see if there is additional backup information, see this City Public Records Access page and search using the ordinance number. To see City Ordinances related to Conditional Overlays in the Zilker neighborhood, see the Conditional Overlays page.

1984 Zoning Code Rewrite (new Chapter 13-2A replacing previous Chapter 13-2)

1986 Waterfront Overlay Ordinance (amending Chapter 13-2A)

1987 Zoning Code Rewrite (new Chapter 13-1 replacing previous Chapter 13-1)

1988 Interim LCD Code Rewrite (new interim Title 13 replacing all of Chapter 13, except 13-1, and parts of other chapters)

1988 LCD Code Rewrite (Chapters 13-2 through 13-8)

Note: This is probably the ordinance that finalized the Title 13 Interim Ordinance, but it is confusing as it mentions Chapter 13-1 but doesn't show it. It only shows Chapters 13-2 through 13-8).

1992 Save Our Springs (SOS) Ordinance (amending Chapter 13-7)

1999 LDC Code Rewrite (new Title 25 replacing previous Title 13)

2000 LDC Corrective Amendments (amending certain provisions of Title 25)

2003 City Code Recodification (repealing City Code of 1992 and recodifying)

Note: The City Code of 1992 was repealed and recodified. Title 25 (the land development code) was adopted verbatim as it then existed except for minor changes to conform to the numbering and heading changes in Titles 1 through 15 of the new Code. Titles 1 through 15 were adopted as attached to Exhibit A of the ordinance but are not shown in the link below.

2008 PUD Amendment

2009 Waterfront Overlay Amendment