Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704

A. D. Stenger Homes

by Andrew Elder

The living history of our neighborhood is constantly being rewritten as its residents and structures change, sometimes in dramatic surges. For relative newcomers such as myself (2002), the most tangible historical perspective may come from the "feel" of a home or street rather than a documentation of its past.

A recent exhibit by the UT School of Architecture helped connect our modern day neighborhood with the work of A.D. Stenger, who developed several original tracts within Zilker and Barton Hills. Spearheaded by faculty members Riley Triggs and Bill Jackson, the exhibit drew from a variety of historical resources, including original plans, photographs, and newspaper articles documenting the progress and impact of Stenger's work. These items were augmented with new drawings and scaled models for five homes that are representative of his design aesthetic.