Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704

Erosion and Sedimentation Control (ESC) Regulations

Temporary Structural Practices (Erosion Controls)

Erosion controls are required to control the runoff from a 2-year 24-hr rainfall event (currently 4.14 inches in City of Austin Zone 1 based on Atlas 14). The City of Austin Environmental Criteria Manual (ECM) and Standard Specification Manual (SSM) describe most of these controls. Below are the standards and specifications for some of the most commonly used erosion and sedimentation controls at infill construction sites.

Applicable City Code

TPDES MS4 Stormwater Permit and General Stormwater Permit for Construction Activity

The City is not complying with its TPDES MS4 permit when it allows builders to continually violate the ESC ordinances.

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