Upcoming Meetings

Monthly ZNA Social Gatherings– Join neighbors and us for an informal gathering at various locations around the ‘hood. See new places and meet new people!

Tuesday, May 2, 5-7 pm —Gibson Street Bar, 1109 S. Lamar

Tuesday, June 6, 5-7 pm —Sazon, 1816 S. Lamar

Tuesday, July 11, 5-7 pm —Uncle Billy’s, 1530 Barton Springs Rd.

The next ZNA general meeting will be scheduled sometime before the CodeNext deadline in July. Watch this space for updates. Newcomers, homeowners, renters, and business neighbors are All Welcome! Final agenda TBD, but a lot of it will be about CodeNEXT .

The next ZNA Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 10, 2017  6:30-8:30.  Location  at Mr. Natural restaurant at 2414 S. Lamar.  ZNA members and residents are welcome to attend. Agenda:

ZNA 2017 – Ex. Com.                                                                                  Meeting Agenda for May 10,  2017              

Order of business may change at the discretion of the committee and the committee may take action on any item on the agenda.

Old Business: 6:30 to 6:45

  1. Approve minutes: (Gary)
  2. Membership report: ( Lorraine)
  3. Treasurer report (Jeff Jack)
  4. Social committee report (Pat)


New Business: 6:46 to 8:30

  1. Land Use
  2. Zoning : 1311 South Lamar VMU at Genie Car Wash change of agent (Jeff)
  3. Board of Adjustment:

2003 Arpdale 7 variance requests for B of A meeting on May 8, 2017 (Jeff)

  1. Site plans

2010 South Lamar (La Feria ) Sackman Mixed use, Site plan status (Jeff)

  1. Building Permits:

2011 Arpdale FAR calculations interpretation of stair well area (Bruce and Lorraine)

2330 S. Lamar mixed use office complex at site of old Artz rib house


  1. CodeNEXTS
  2. Maps and more maps?
  3. Data and no data?
  4. Meeting with Ann Kitchen
  5. Other efforts from CNC to “Kill CodeNEXT”


  1. Ex. Com response to draft code by June 7th.  Assignments for sections to review and                                   comment on
  2. Another special edition of ZNEWS before June Quarterly meeting ZNEWS

Straw poll results

How much change is this an up or down zoning?

Impacts on property taxes and infrastructure

Will the current proposal address housing affordability


  1. June Quarterly meeting planning: where and when?
  2. South Lamar Corridor Plan update on time line
  3. Code Next
  4. Response to  questions raised in previous quarterly meetings


  1. ZNEWS
  2. Second special edition on CodeNEXt Monthly news letter update on planning issues.

1)            ZNEWS coming out before or after the release of the maps on April 19?

2)            What is VMU

3)            What is the missing middle housing and relationship to compatibility stds.

4)            Why ZNA doesn’t have a neighborhood plan?


  1. Other items from community and Ex. Com.

1 Potential $500 donation to Zilker Garden Club via Austin Parks Foundation for the beautification of the     medians on Barton Springs Road between South Lamar and Robert E Lee Road.

  1. Potential $2,500 donation to the Zilker Elementary School via Zilker Elementary School Parent Teacher Association.
  2. Special called general membership meeting in late May to get input on the proposed special events    permit parking program and the latest CodeNEXT map.

End of Meeting   8:30 PM                                                                          ZNA 2017 May. Ex Com mtg agenda