Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704


Dockless Mobility

Dockless mobility systems consist of devices, such as bicycles or scooters, that do not require fixed docking stations for users to receive or return units.

According to the adopted rule, licensees are required to respond to complaints and obstructions within the following timeframes:

1. Sidewalk Obstruction of less than 3 feet - 60 minutes
2. Travel and bicycle lanes - 60 minutes
3. Transit stop obstructions - 60 minutes
4. Environmentally sensitive area - 60 minutes
5. Private property - 2 hours
6. Rebalancing off-hours – 2 hours
7. Other obstructions and nuisances – 2 hours
8. Unauthorized portions of parks and trails – 2 hours
9. Other unauthorized areas – 2 hours

The following is a table of licensee contact information. ZNA does not know how effective reporting complaints and obstructions will be.

LicenseePhoneEmail Website
Bird866-205-2442hello@bird.co web
JUMP844-505-9155support@jump.com web
Lime888-546-3345  web
Lyft    web
OjO  web
Razor   web
Skip 844-929-2687hello@skipscooters.com web
Spin   web
VeoRide 855-836-2256hello@veoride.com web
Wind Mobility 888 702 7999support@wind.co web



On June 3, 2018, CapMetro completely remapped its bus system, eliminating and replacing routes 331 and 338 that previously serviced the Zilker Neighborhood. The following are the new routes maps and schedules:

Project Connect is CapMetro's plan to provide a complete system of reliable and frequent transit with congestion-proof services that operates free from other traffic. A vision of this plan is represented in this map (PDF).



2016 Mobility Bond

In 2016, Austin voters approved $720 million in bonds for transportation and mobility improvements throughout the city. The Corridor Mobility Program was allocated $482 million to implement plans for some major corridors including the South Lamar Corridor and develop Mobility Plans for additional corridors and critical arterials. The Local Mobility Program was allocated $137 million for improvements including sidewalks, safe routes to school, bikeways, intersection safety/Vision Zero, urban trails, sub-standard streets, and capital renewal.


Wabucy Zilker (Walk, Bus, Cycle) is a group of neighbors organized to increase walking, bus riding, and cycling for transportation and advocate for related infrastructure improvements in the Zilker/South Lamar area.