Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704

South Zilker Park

South Zilker Park is the portion of Zilker Park bounded by Barton Creek to the north, Robert E Lee Rd to the south, Barton Hills Dr to the west, and and Barton Springs Rd to the east. There is a small waterway that parallels the sidewalk on Robert E Lee Road. It receives stormwater run-off from the Zilker and Barton Hills neighborhoods and flows into Barton Creek downstream of Barton Springs Pool.

While technically in the Barton Hills Neighborhood, residents of both neighborhoods (Zilker and Barton Hills) have joined together as a volunteer group (Friends of South Zilker Park) to beautify this waterway and restore native trees, grasses and flowers. City of Austin and Keep Austin Beautiful provide us with guidance, plants, and tools as we work to create a more beautiful, biologically-functioning stream corridor in our neighborhood. The restored stream will do a better job filtering pollutants from our neighborhood's storm water runoff, lessening erosion, mitigating flash floods, and increasing wildlife habitat. Opportunities to participate in these activities --especially periodic workdays, will be announced in the ZNA newsletter and on the ZNA listserv. For more information, contact Gail Rothe (grothe@austin.rr.com).

Austin Parks Foundation recently awarded the Friends of South Zilker Park a 2017 Fall Community Grant of $7,500 through the Austin City Limits Music Festival Park Grants Program. Funding will be used to improve two small waterways that flow into Barton Creek in the area along Robert E. Lee Road. Read more about it in this PDF.

Map of South Zilker Park

Map of South Zilker Park