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CodeNext (4?) (the latest version of Land Development Code rewrite)

As it becomes available, the information on this page will relate to the latest iteration of Land Development Code (LDC) rewrite, formerly known as CodeNext. Because of the failure of the first three versions of CodeNext, it remains to be seen if the 4th version will still retain the name CodeNext. If you wish to see the first three versions of CodeNext and the comments provided by ZNA and others, click one of the following links:

ZNA Analysis of CodeNext 4

The ZNA Zoning Committee has started analyzing the policy guidance for rewriting the Land Develpment Code provided by the City Council at their special called meeting on May 2, 2019. If you click on the preceding link, you will find additional links related to the meeting including the agenda, videos of the meeting, and a closed-caption transcript of the meeting as well as work papers and other backup documentation. The meeting was about 8-1/2 hours long. Or you can read a summary of that guidance.


The following documents relate to the LDC rewrite:


The following links provide additional information relating to the code rewrite: