Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704


The following are the draft subchapters to the City of Austin's revised Land Development Code (aka CodeNEXT) released on 30 Jan 2017:

Table of Contents (3.1 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-1: Introduction (3.5 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-2: Administration and Procedures (4.1 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-3: General Planning Standards for All (2.3 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-4: Zoning Code (searchable) (66.2 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-5: Subdivision (3.4 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-6: Site Plan (2.7 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-7: Building, Demolition, and Relocation Permits; Special Requirement Permits For Historic Structures (2.0 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-8: Signage (2.3 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-9: Transportation (2.4 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-10: Infrastructure (2.8 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-11: Technical Codes (1.3 MB PDF)

The following are updates to the draft subchapters released since 30 Jan 2017:

Chapter 23-4: New Zone Appendix (5.6 MB PDF)
Chapter 23-9: 23-9B-1040 & 1050; 23-9C Transportation Impact Analyses (0.3 MB PDF)

The following files contain maps showing the current zoning and the proposed 30 Jan 2017 CodeNext zoning of the Zilker neighborhood:

Current Zoning Map (2.5 MB PDF)
Proposed CodeNext Zoning Map (2.5 MB PDF)

You may provide comments to the City by clicking on one of the following links:

Comments concerning the code language
Comments concerning the mapping