Zilker Neighborhood Association
Austin, Texas 78704

City Officials and Representatives

City Council

The Zilker neighborhood is in District 5.

Austin Police Department

The Zilker neighborhood is in Region 4 and District David2.

Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment consists of 14 members. It hears and decides requests for variances from the requirements of Chapter 25-2 (Zoning), appeals of an administrative action under Chapter 25-2 (Zoning), variances from the requirements of airport zoning regulations.

Environmental Commission

The Environmental Commission consists of 11 members. It reviews and analyzes the policies relating to the environmental quality of the City, acts in an advisory capacity on all projects and programs which affect the quality of life for the citizens of Austin, makes recommendations for standards, and recommends and initiates specific studies.

Historic Landmark Commission

The Historic Landmark Commission consists of 11 members. It prepares and periodically revises an inventory of the structures and areas that may be eligible for designation as historic landmarks. It prepare2, reviews and proposes amendments to the Historic Landmark Preservation Plan. It also reviews requests to establish or remove a historic designation and makes recommendations on the requests to the Land Use Commission, as determined in accordance with Section 25-1-46 (Land Use Commission).

Parks and Recreation Board

The Parks and Recreation Board consists of 11 members. Acquisition, development, improvement, equipment, and maintenance of city parks and public playgrounds; future development of city parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities, and purchase of additional land for those purposes; and improvements in the maintenance, operation, and general welfare of the city's parks, grounds, and recreational facilities and their use by the public. Shall outline a general plan of development for new parks and playgrounds, including landscaping, roads, trails, buildings, and equipment.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of 15 members. It makes and amends a master plan, recommends approval or disapproval of proposed zoning changes and control land subdivision within neighborhood planning areas, and submits, annually, a list of recommended capital improvements.

Small Area Planning Joint Committee

The Small Area Planning Joint Committee consists of 7 members. It advises the council on issues surrounding planning and zoning in areas such as downtown, corridors and centers, neighborhoods, the waterfront, planned unit developments, and transit oriented developments.

Zoning and Platting Commission

The Planning Commission consists of 11 members. It performs duties relating to land use and development.

Other City Boards and Commissions

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