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Austin, Texas 78704

City of Austin Organization and Departments

We have found it is very hard to find an overall organizational chart and who heads the various City of Austin departments. We have done our best to provide this information here but it can easily become out-of-date. The most current information, if you can find it, will be on the City of Austin website.

CITY MANAGER (Spencer Cronk)

HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT / CULTURE & LIFELONG LEARNING (Christopher J. Shorter, Assistant City Manager)

SAFETY (Rey Arellano, Assistant City Manager)

GOVERNMENT THAT WORKS FOR ALL (Elaine Hart, Deputy City Manager and Chief Financial Officer)

ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY & AFFORDABILITY(Godney Gonzales, Assistant City Manager)

MOBILITY (Gina Fiandaca, Assistant City Manager)

AUSTIN WATER (Greg Meszaros, Director)   webpage

AUSTIN ENERGY (Jackie Sargent, General Manager)   webpage