Monthly ZNA Social Gatherings– Join neighbors and us for an informal gathering at various locations around the ‘hood. See new places and meet new people!

Wednesday August 9, Juliet Italian Kitchen, 1500 Barton Springs Road, 5-7 pm


The next ZNA general meeting will be Monday, October October 23, 6:30-8:30 pm, Zilker Elementary School, 1900 Bluebonnet Lane. Agenda TBD. Newcomers, homeowners, renters, and business neighbors are All Welcome! 



The next ZNA Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, Aug 7, 6:30-8 pm, Umlauf Museum, 605 Robert E. Lee. Agenda below. ZNA members and residents are welcome to attend.

ZNA 2017 – Ex. Com.                                                              Meeting Agenda for August 7, 2017   

Order of business may change at the discretion of the committee and the committee may take action on any item on the agenda.

Guest/Public Comments:  6:30 to 6:40

Non Ex. Com. Members of ZNA will have 3 minutes each to speak on any topic they would like to share with the Executive Committee.  Limit of 3 speakers for 9 minutes which may be expanded on Ex. Com. Approval of additional speakers.

Ex. Com. Agenda items: 6:40 to 8:30

To manage the agenda items, discussion will be limited to Ex. Com. Members  and Ex. Com. Members may speak on any of the following items.  Ex Com members may ask for input from guests/public if time allows

Old Business: 6:40 to 6:50


  1. Approval of minutes: (Gary) 2.   Membership report:  ( Lorraine)
  2. Treasurer report (David King) 4.   Social committee report (Pat)


New Business: 6:50 to 8:30


  1. MIsc items


A            Motion in support of Austin Energy goal to achieve 100% carbon free energy production

  1. Delivery of Special Recognition to Garner Sumner
  2. ZNA organizational issues:

1)            Resolution on allocating $500 for continuing nonprofit filing paper work

2)            Resolution on reviewing ZNA insurance policy

  1. CapMetro “Smart Trips” meeting on August 9th at Opas 1:00 PM
  2. Corridor Plans Focus Group August 10th at Conely – Guerrero Activity Center  6 – 7:30
  3. Barton Spring Bridge community engagement


  1. Land Use
  2. Zoning :

Whichcraft TABC application?

2005 South Lamar

  1. Board of Adjustment:

2003 Arpdale : report on meeting with COA

1701 Theadwell

2005 Blue Bonnet, garage door on carport, revised  variance request:

Re-vote on filed application

  1. Building Permits:

2330 S. Lamar: report on meeting with COA

2021 Ford Street ( Bruce)


  1. CodeNEXT
  2. Meeting with Ann Kitchen and Mayor Steve Adler


  1. July Quarterly meeting : Debrief on meeting
  2. Number of attendees
  3. Code Next
  4. AISD bond election


End of Meeting   8:30 PM                                                                          ZNA 2017 July  Ex Com mtg.  agenda