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Bouldin Creek Commons


This is the project near the northeast corner of South Lamar Blvd and Oltorf St, formerly the site of the Enchanted Forest on Oltorf and Lucy's Chicken. Links to the City's Master Comment Reports and various pages of the approved site plan can be found at the bottom of the City's ABC website page for this project.

Proposed Site Plan Information on City ABC Website (link)

Current Site Plan

Sheet links shown below were current for Correction 2C as of 10 Jul 2019 and may not be to the lastest sheet. If there are later correction sheets for this site plan, they can be found at the bottom of the City's AB+C webpage for this site. The highest number in parenthesis on the City's webpage will be the lastest sheet from the latest site plan correction. You can use the following Sheet Index Table to locate a given sheet number.

Sheet Title
1 Cover Sheet
2 Plat
3 General Notes
4 Existing Site & Demolition Plan
5 Drainage Area Maps
6 Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plan
7 Erosion & Sedimentation Control Details
8 Site Plan
9 Site Plan Notes & Details
10 Grading & Drainage Plan
11 Detention Pond Plan
12 Water Quality Plan
13 Water Quality Calculations & Details
14 Utility Plan
15 Pump Station
16 Utility Details Sheet 1
17 Utility Details Sheet 2
18 Utility Details Sheet 3
Sheet Title
19 Building Elevations
20 Garage Plan
21 Hardscape Plan
22 Landscape Plan
23 Landscape Notes
24 Landscape Notes 2
25 Landscape Notes & Details
26 Irrigation Notes & Legend
27 Irrigation Plan
28 Irrigation Plan 2
29 Irrigation Details
30 Irrigation Details 2
31 Water Quality Section

Site Plan Corrections (Reference File Name SP-2016-0481C)

Site Plan Application (Case 2016-126997 SP; Reference File Name SP-2016-0481C)

Links to the application and City's Master Comment Reports can be found at the following page:


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